Stylus N 481

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Do not order this product if it looks different from the stylus that is currently installed. If your player’s cartridge has been changed, the model number of the stylus or turntable will not apply. Please contact us if you require assistance with choosing the right stylus or cartridge. If possible, send us photos of the cartridge, and any markings printed on the cartridge or stylus.


Record Player Systems Cross Ref: E.481,
Denon DSN67,
Fisher 300 (CD), 400 (CD), 600 (CD), M20, MT35R, MT37R,
Philips HS510Q,
Sanyo ST55D,
Toshiba SR3617, V27 (CD),
Needle Cartridges Amstrad CDMX500, MX300,
Audio Empire S105, S205,
Audio Technica ATS10,
Columbia DSN67,
Cross Ref: N 481,
Empire S105, S105 S205, S205,
Empire Scientific S105, S205,
Fiesta 300(CD), 400(CD), 600(CD), M20, MT35R, MT37R,
Goldring ELAN, Elektra,
Japan Columbia DSN67,
Nagaoka C501M-P, C502M-P, C503M-P, C51M, C55M, NT500M,
Otto ST29D, ST55D, ST57D,
Sanyo ST29D, ST55D, ST55D ST57D, ST57D, ST55D,
Toshiba N15C, N50D, N50D N51D, N51D, SR3547, SR3639, SR364, SR3648, V17, V19(CD), V27(CD), V29(CD), V39(CD),