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Brown Wood Briefcase Style with Bluetooth

RP115B Record Player with Bluetooth Brown Wood

Mobilize your music with the RP115 record player. This stylish briefcase, covered in a PU leather finish, is lightweight and allows listening to music without having to connect it to a speaker system. The built-in Bluetooth receiver allows you to simply stream your music wirelessly from your device to the RP115 record player. The metal details are finished in brass colour to set-off the final look.

Colour: Dark Wood
Built-in full-range stereo speakers
Bluetooth receiver for wireless audio streaming
3-speeds for 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM records, incl. adapter
Manual or automatic stop tone arm (on/off switch)
Plays 7'', 10'' and 12'' records
PC encoding via USB (convert vinyl to MP3), incl. software
3.5mm AUX input
Belt driven turntable mechanism
Ceramic Stereo cartridge with stylus
Headphone output
Wooden cabinet with retro brass corner protectors
Replacement Stylus for all Fenton Record Player available ( code 102.116 )

playback options Bluetooth Streaming
Input Connections 3.5 mm jack
Output Connections RCA, USB
Speed settings (RPM) 33, 45, 78
Power Supply 240VAC 50Hz (5V Adapter)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 280 x 355 x 130mm
Weight (kg) 3,40