Stylus N 215

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Do not order this product if it looks different from the stylus that is currently installed. If your player’s cartridge has been changed, the model number of the stylus or turntable will not apply. Please contact us if you require assistance with choosing the right stylus or cartridge. If possible, send us photos of the cartridge, and any markings printed on the cartridge or stylus.


Record Player Systems ADC QLM30,
Alba 9075, 9075, SS150,
Amstrad MC40, TS33, TS40, TS41,
BSR 138, MA60, MP60, Quanta 350SX, Quanta 400, Quanta 450, Quanta 500, Quanta 50MX, Quanta 550, Quanta 550SX, Quanta 600, Quanta 60MX, Quanta 700, Quanta 70MX, Quanta 800,
Bush VS3702,
Cross Ref: E.215,
Ferguson 300, 300D, 3953, Studio 300,
Fidelity 440, May-50, MC6,
GEC 5025H,
Hitachi SDP9500, SDP9510, SDT9600, SDT9610,
HMV 5000P,
Omex MC020, X11,
Triumph TMC 100D,
Waltham STM80,
Needle Cartridges ADC K8, P30, Q30, QLM30, QLM30 Mk2, QLM30 Mk3, QLM32, RK8, RK9, RP30, RQ30, RQLM30, RSQ30, RSQ33, QLM30,
Alba 9075,
Audio Dynamics K8, P30, Q30, QLM30, QLM30 Mk2, QLM30 Mk3, RK8, RK9, RP30, RQLM30, RSQ30, RSQ33,
BSR McDonald P160, P128R, P160,
Cross Ref: N 215,
Fidelity 18384,
Hinari DSP9510, SDP9500, SDT9600, SDT9610,
LO-D DSP9510, SDP9500, SDT9600, SDT9610,
Nad 9100, 9200, 9300,
Pudney Stylus 653,
Triumph TMC100D,